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Welcome to NetDoc, Uganda’s leading telemedicine platform, designed to make healthcare accessible for everyone, anytime, anywhere. We are proud to offer you a seamless and efficient way to book doctor appointments and consult with healthcare professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Discover the modern way of accessing healthcare with Netdoc. Our platform offers convenient, professional, and easily accessible virtual consultations, transforming the traditional doctor appointment into a seamless online experience for you and your loved ones.

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We are NetDoc

Dr. Wilbrode Okungu

Company CEO &
Consultant Physician

Mrs. Rhona Asiimwe Okungu

Executive Deputy &
Company Director

Mr. William Kanyesigye

Director &
Company Secretary

Prof. Pauline Byakika-Kibwika

Prof. of Internal Medicine &
Clinical Supervisor

Dr. Agenda Rodgers

Consultant Psychiatrist
MBChB,M MED (Psychiatry)

Dr. Stella Nabilye

Consultant Physician
MBchB,M, MED (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Tawusi Nabuma

Consultant Peadatrician
MBChB,M MED paediatric,
LectureIUIU,Habib medical sch

Dr. Faith Nakubulwa

MBchB,M, MED (Ophthalmology)

Dr. Bbale Dorothy Nakuya

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
MD, M MED Plastic surgery

Dr. Elizabeth Namukwaya K

Consultant Physician & Lecturer
MBchB,M, MED (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Micheal Oling

Executive Deputy &
MbchB,M MED Surgery, F MAS, D MAS

Dr. Moses Tiri

Gyn and Fertility Specialist
MBchB,M, MED (Obs & Gyn)

Dr. Andrew Ndamira

Consultant Peadatrician
MBchB,M, MED (Peadatrics &

Dr. Irene Nakalema

Consultant Physician

Dr. Nastaran Johansson

Medical Practitioner

Dr. Tumwebaze Tophiaz

Medical Practitioner

Richard Olowo

Marketing Coordinator

Ngwero Emmanuel

Software Developer

Muhirrwa Ferdinand

Company Secretary

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