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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

NetDoc’s FAQ page is your go-to source for quick, user-friendly answers to common questions about our telemedicine platform. We’ve compiled a collection of informative responses to help you effortlessly navigate NetDoc’s services and features. Our FAQ page aims to enhance your experience, address concerns, and minimize the need for additional support.

NetDoc is a cutting-edge telemedicine platform designed to provide top-notch healthcare services to you, your family, and friends from the convenience of your homes or workplaces. Accessible 24/7 through the NetDoc app on your computer, tablet, or phone, our platform connects you to over 350 expert doctors, nurses, and psychologists, regardless of your location.

After your consultation, you’ll receive results via email or SMS, including prescriptions, lab diagnostics, imaging, or referral consultations to other service providers. Experience seamless and reliable healthcare with NetDoc, anytime, anywhere.

NetDoc offers a highly efficient telemedicine solution, addressing the low patient-doctor ratio recommended by WHO. With our app, you can access video consultations with doctors in under 30 minutes after completing a questionnaire. Our streamlined scheduling and check-in process reduces your consultation, treatment, and monitoring turnaround time.

By using NetDoc, you eliminate costs related to transportation, long hospital queues, and other inconveniences. The app simplifies follow-up appointments and referral processes, often challenging in many African countries. NetDoc allows you to schedule follow-ups with specialists from the comfort of your home and includes up to 2 free follow-up appointments within a month for the same condition.

Accessing your medical records is a breeze with NetDoc. Our cloud-based storage system enables you to upload and retrieve your records easily, ensuring they are available for your next consultation. Experience the convenience and efficiency of NetDoc for all your healthcare needs.

NetDoc Healthcare App connects you with professionals who can help you manage over thirty chronic and complex conditions. These include, but are not limited to, Respiratory Diseases (such as asthma and COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Heart Conditions (High Blood Pressure/Hypertension, Atrial Fibrillation, Chronic Heart Failure), Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, Obesity, Skin Conditions (Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema), Joint Problems, Back Problems, Men’s Health (Impotence), Women’s Health, Mental Health (Anxiety disorders, Depression), and many others. Explore the app’s content page to find the support you need for your specific condition.

The NetDoc app accommodates various medical needs, such as: routine checkups for ongoing or recurring health issues; treatment for infectious diseases like flu, cold, or Covid-19; dermatology consultations for skin conditions; mental health support, including therapy for social phobia, medication management, and counseling; monitoring newly prescribed medications; discussing test results ordered by your doctor; and post-surgery follow-ups or consultations with specialists.

Communication via the NetDoc portal is transmitted through a secure, encrypted connection, ensuring your medical information is safely stored in our electronic medical record system. To maintain your privacy, always safeguard your username and password from others, and ensure you log in from a personal or secure device.

The NetDoc Medicare App can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store (for Android users) and the App Store (for iOS users). Both versions are available for free download, and the app is named “NetDoc.” To use the portal, you only need a smart device with reliable internet connectivity. The video call feature is accessible through the app itself.

After your consultation, you’ll receive results, such as prescriptions for medication or diagnostic imaging, via your email address. To minimize the risk of unauthorized access, it’s essential to periodically change your password and maintain the security of your account.

To make an appointment with NetDoc, start by clicking the “Book Appointment” button on the welcome page. You will then be taken to a confirmation page, where you will need to select a condition based on your main symptom from the list provided in alphabetical order. Follow the instructions provided until you receive a notification of your scheduled appointment, which will be sent to your email address and as a push notification to your phone.

If you require assistance, the NetDoc care team is available to help via phone at +256780336593 or +256780336675, or email at Please note that email should only be used for non-urgent inquiries, and not in emergencies or when an immediate response is needed. Also, all communications may be documented in the Electronic Health Records (EHR). For further guidance, check out the animation video available on our website.

To access video consultations with NetDoc doctors, a fee is required. The fee provides unlimited calls and messaging with our medical team for a specific condition for a one-month period. Additional fees are required if you want to consult on a different condition.

You can either do a Direct payment or use your Insurance Premium to cover your consultation. Direct payment is accessible through Mobile Money, Debit or Credit card like Visa, Mastercard or American Express. To use your Insurance Cover, you need to make sure your Insurance Provider has entered an arrangement with Netdok Medicare Ltd.

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